International Management Trust Services

Where should an IBC be formed?

The use of the IBC as a commercial or private vehicle has grown exponentially in recent years, and IBCs can be registered in many offshore centres around the world. The time required for formation, the cost, and the degree of 'independence' and enforcement of confidentiality of the jurisdiction are among the most important criteria in making a decision as to where the IBC should be registered. Another consideration of major importance is the expertise and reliability of the Registration Agent, who may also be providing, or acting as the corporate director under the guidance of the beneficial owner.

International Management & Trust Services Inc. (IMT) can facilitate IBC formation in several Caribbean jurisdictions; however, it recommends Barbados and Dominica since the enactment of 'state of the art' offshore legislation by the governments of the Commonwealth Caribbean. IMT is a licensed Registered Agent, and has registered over 6,000 IBCs to date.

Note: IMT makes no representations, warranties or guarantees that any company or financial structure provided by it will be successful regarding tax effects, benefits, implications, or for any other purpose whatsoever. Clients are encouraged to seek legal and tax counsel in the jurisdiction wherein they reside.