International Management Trust Services

Offshore Trusts - Introduction

Asset protection can be easily and comfortably established and enjoyed for generations to come, or a complete nightmare if not structured properly.

There are three basic structures that can be employed, based on the specific needs and requirements; IBC's, trusts and private foundations.

Here we discuss the Trust; please also see IBC and private foundations.

A Trust is an agreement based on the English common law principle that allows separation of legal and beneficial ownership amongst a number of individuals.

These individuals are the Settlor who transfers legal ownership (title) of the assets to a Trustee who holds and administers the assets solely for the Beneficiary of the Trust in accordance with instructions from the Settlor as specified in the Written Trust Document.

NOTE: It is suggested that the 'Private Interest Foundation' section be reviewed. Recent Court cases in the U.S. have proven that some judges either do not understand the essence of what a Trust is, or simply have made decisions wherein they have disregarded the Trust legislation altogether.

A Private Interest Foundation may be a more desirable vehicle.